Southern Utah Family Session | Cedar City, Utah | The Archibald Family

Fun loving, energetic, close knit, and real. Those are just a few things to describe this adorable family! I enjoyed every minute of this session!

I first met Summer, because it was a dream of mine, (silly maybe, but nonetheless) to get my eyelashes done! My husband’s eyelashes put mine to shame and I’ve joked around with him on how one day I would out do him! I contacted Summer and asked if she would be willing to do a trade with me, eyelashes extensions , for a family session! To my surprise, she agreed and that lead us to here! I had amazing angel eyelashes, AND I got to interact with Summers beautiful family. Honestly, it was a win win on my part if you ask me!

So, before I go into this family a little more, I want to give a little back story on what family photos were like for me growing up. Now if you’re reading this mom.. I’m super sorry because I never thought I would grow up and want to be a photographer. But, as a kid, I HATED family pictures. I hated having to sit still, move just a tiny bit, smile, hold it… hold it… hold it…click. I couldn’t wait for the whole process to be over. But now, I loved to witness families in the way they normally interact! I want to center my photography, not on posing people, but allowing them to be themselves. I think it’s so funny because often times, people just expect kids to sit, hold still, and smile. Well we all know how well that works out in church! BAHA, let’s be honest, it doesn’t. So unless you are the perfect mom or have the perfect child, you can likely and realistically expect children to be just that, children! Loving, playful, goofy and energetic, children! And that’s exactly how this family was! Once I gave them the ‘Okay’ that they didn’t need to worry about smiling for me all the time, and to just forget that I was there, I got real, heart warming pictures! During the session, Eilla, their little girl goes and picks flowers off the bush behind them and hands them to her mom. How was I supposed to think of telling her to do that. I would have never pictured that┬ábut I was lucky enough to capture it! Allowing families and couples to do this, I think, is what gives photos more meaning! Because instead of remember that you had to fight with your kids throughout the┬ásession, you are remember just being there with your family, your loved ones, the people you every step of every day! Also, I’ve never photographed dogs before so it was so fun to interact with them as well! Plus I got some kisses behind the camera from their cute pups!

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