Waterfront Wilmington Wedding Catherine and Walt

Catherine and Walt had the most beautiful wedding in downtown Wilmington! I loved photographing these two because they had such kind hearts! Catherine is such a sweetie and gave both her dad, and fiancé such heart warming gifts before the big day! I loved watching their love unfold in front of the support of their family and friends!

Not to mention, Catherine and Walt were so funny! These two had such a great sense of humor, they are the type of people you would want to be around all the time!

One of my favorite things about this wedding though, were the amount of sentimental things throughout the whole day! Catherine is a girl, whose tied to her roots! It was through little details like her great grandmother’s necklace, broach, and veil that this became apparent along with sentimental earrings as well! Catherine was incredibly down to earth and humble and lovely to be around! And Walt was such a nice gentleman as well! Courteous would be an appropriate word for him indeed!

Overall, this quaint wedding was such a treat to be apart of! I’m glad I got the opportunity to photograph it!

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