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Capture your legacy.


My Passion Behind the Lens

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Document your growth and change from the time you first move into your own home, to when you’re pregnant and he’s going to school. Renovating or living through that renovation with a couple kids, battling bedtimes and bath times but enjoying the sweet times 

I want to be your photographer for every stage and season. 

Every day, something rare and personal happens to remind me that this journey, in between the big days in life, encompasses millions of little memories that are screaming to be heard. And I want to make it a point to not only remember mine but record yours as well. 

The diaper changes, the Eskimo kisses, the tickle fights, the hand holding in the grocery stores, these things don’t last forever.  

Let me show you who you are, the raw and the honest. 

Shed light on moments when...
time is standing still and pushing forward. 



My Personal Side

I'm a film photographer who started with a focus on weddings. I love the joy and the hustle that accompanies the thrill of 8 hour days with an incredible couple. More than that, I appreciate devotion between two people making a commitment to one another in love. And occasionally, I'm not afraid to bust out the 'worm' on the dance floor when the time is right! But as I’ve grown, the things I value have developed as well. I noticed that I started to crave some of the soft, real moments in my work. The ones behind closed doors that aren't done up or focused on. Since then, I've begun to shift my focus toward documenting home, family, and motherhood in addition to marriages.

I want to show the everyday mundane moments in and after the glamorous days. The ones that most people never see, the imperfect and the emotional parts of each family and person that compose your character and drive your progress. Being a mother myself I'm constantly witnessing those out unapologetic, honest, ungoverned moments. Sometimes, I'm able to catch them in a photograph, and other times, I have to rely on my memory to hold them safe. I want so desperately to give you something tangible to remember those quiet, subtle feelings that come from the seconds that change us. Because time still moves even if it moves a little slower with a photograph. I still love to photograph weddings and I’ll always tear up during vows and first dances because I catch myself thinking of the ones I love. I become personally invested in documenting you and the ones you love because I know how much the people in my life mean to me.

I'm a wife and a mother. I’m hard working and dedicated to following through, unless it’s laundry.. (that almost never gets finished). Sometimes I can be an overthinker, I weigh things out a little to often. But it's okay because my husband balances me out with his spontaneity. Speaking of spontaneity, I met my husband on a Monday and we were engaged that next Tuesday! 

I am NOT an interior decorator. I can never decide what looks good and what doesn’t. Plus I have a small fear of commitment, and drilling holes in walls feels pretty permanent! So, I procrastinate!

I love getting massages in the kitchen from my loving husband as I wash dishes, when I know he needs it more than I do. And cozy sweaters and a GOOD pair of well worn sweats make me happy! Pair that with a movie, (because I will NEVER turn down a movie), and I'm in my happy place! Speaking of movies, Hot Rod is my favorite, but I could also go for any kind of murder mystery.

I value being able to be self sufficient and take pride in being reliable and kind. I’m frugal and even cheap sometimes because I can’t bring myself to spend more than $20 on a brand new pair of jeans. My regular "do" is a good mom-bun and some cheap foundation. My go to comfort food will forever be Cafe Rio tacos.



| Fish, I know I'm in the minority here. But I just CAN'T DO IT!
| Don't do early mornings. I'm a night owl through and through.
| Shopping online. Call me skeptical, but I never trust it. Plus shipping? Nope!
| Getting my socks wet. Talk about worst feeling in the world.
| Humidity. Give me the desert any day


| Rappelling off the edge of a cliff! YES! I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie!
| I'll happily skip the yoga pants for A REALLY good pair of jeans!!
| All things sweets. I have and will always have a sweet tooth.
| Running. I may not be fast (thanks short legs) or go far, but I do enjoy it!
| Cold Weather! I'd rather brave it than be sopping wet in the heat. 


 My Quirks

Meet My People

Bouncy and rambunctious. He's got a zeal not only for life but for jumping around! He's incredibly smart and interested in learning! He's my little assistant, buddy and comforter. 

Everett is always talking to me like another adult would and is pretty good at reasoning with me to get what he wants. But he never hesitates to lend a helping hand. Speaking of hands, he's a lefty! 

My sweet sweet girl. She's on the move a lot these days and always has something to squawk about! She's a snuggler, but just for daddy and she has the cutest little scrunchy nose smile she inherited from me! 

Eddison is independent but loves to just hang out on your lap. She's good at head banging to any type of music and loves to give kisses! Her other favorite hobby is reaching up and pulling moms hair anytime I'm not looking!! She can also chow down a poptart like no body's business! 

Miss Eddison Renae

Mister Everett

This man. The man behind my dreams; the strength behind each leap. Cheering me on in every facet and form that I am. And I with him. Don's always beside me and listens when I need a friend and helps humble me up when I need it too. 

He's a lover of T-shirts, Coke and I can't forget MEMES! He's the typically dad, rocking all the dad jokes! His love language is gifts! And he loves to give gifts as well! He bought me my first camera on Leap day because he will use any occasion for gift giving!

My Main Squeeze 

A big part of who I am and what I do is attributed to these people. The ones standing behind me. They are my inspiration for creation and motivation for improvement.