" There is a certain emotional experience that comes from viewing the work she’s done for you. She has excellent attention to detail, puts clients at ease, and has never delivered a less than amazing experience. "

What would happen if we stopped focusing on posed moments and allowed ourselves to be captured the most authentic way. Interacting organically with those around us, in a comfortable setting. What would it feel like to genuinely see ourselves the way others see us? Creating images that that rightly represent a time period in our life. Embracing imperfections, and accepting the ungoverned potential we have just by being who we are. 

Deciding to document the things that make us unique instead of trying to emulate what we see others doing? --What would we be able to create? 

Documentary Photography

What if?

In the beginning,  we'll discuss your vision. The moments you want to hold fast to, and the things you want to remember. We'll talk about how can I help portray them for you in a noninvasive and natural way so that you can be put at ease throughout the creative process.  We'll approach each session individually starting with introductions into who you are, and what you like to do as a couple, a family, or an individual.

When I come into your home, the last thing I want you to feel is uncomfortable and staged. Guided by simple suggestions, I’ll be there as an observer, photographing real things you would do on a day to day basis, welcoming new ideas and experimentations along the way. 

Documentary Photography

The Process

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