Jacksonville Newborn Session Judah

I have just been eating up all the ‘baby time’ I can get while I wait for my little girl to get here! One thing I got to do was take these sweet photos of a member of my church’s baby! We served in the youth together and were only 3 weeks apart so it was fun to watch her progress in her pregnancy just slightly ahead of me! I loved talking with her and finding out what kind of things I had to look forward to in the coming weeks (because you forget a lot in between kids I think). And now her little one has come and he is so precious! I’m happy I got to capture these for her and preserve memories that tend to faint over time!

It’s been nice because when I was pregnant with Everett and anyone else had their babies, it was hard on me because I just wanted MINE to come already! Now, (it’s not that I don’t want her to come because I do), but I’ve been able to appreciate everyone else’s baby while still enjoying the movements of my little one on the inside.

I just loved taking these photos and being able to spend a quite afternoon with this little guy! Talk about an easy baby! He was soooooo cooperative that he practically slept the whole time. A session with a sleepy newborn is always a bonus! Though it was a little tricky to work around with a giant belly in the way haha! And let me tell you… I’m practically a beach ball right now. No matter, it was all well worth my time! I couldn’t get enough of watching the little things he did like move his arms and legs and scrunch his sweet little face up! I can’t wait to see those sort of things with my little girl when she comes! But It was definitely nice to get my baby fix in with little Judah while I could!

Congratulations Allie and Chris! Your little boy is beautiful!

  1. Allie Wetherington

    November 10th, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    We love them!! Thank you!

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