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Recording thoughts and memories is not only an emotional release, but an opportunity to witness growth. After years of personal journaling, I feel gratitude for the blessing it is to go back and read where I was and how far I’ve come.

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Baby Girl, Baby Girl Eddison Gull

It’s been 7 weeks since I delivered little miss Eddison into the world. Each and everyday, I’m continually amazed with how perfect she is. I have a bond with her that’s difficult to put into words. This go around has been quite different. I think I’ve bonded so well with her SO quickly because of […]

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Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Camp Lejeune Family Session Audrey

Okay guys, this is probably one of my favorite family sessions I’ve ever done! Even at 38 weeks pregnant, I just loved taking these photos! Maybe I’m just a little bit envious, it’s true… (and I’ll tell you why) but these guys are the cutest family ever so it’s totally okay! Lindsay and I both […]

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Monday, November 12th, 2018

Jacksonville Newborn Session Judah

I have just been eating up all the ‘baby time’ I can get while I wait for my little girl to get here! One thing I got to do was take these sweet photos of a member of my church’s baby! We served in the youth together and were only 3 weeks apart so it […]

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Saturday, November 10th, 2018

Camp Lejeune Homecoming Scurlock

I don’t normally shoot homecomings. They are often delayed and hard to plan for because they don’t end up being when they were intended. And they are especially hard to plan around when you have kids! They change the dates and times quite often and I realize that a lot of it is for security […]

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Saturday, November 10th, 2018

Washington D.C. Family Session The Bass Family

Alright guys, I’ll be transparent here for a second. This blog is about to be a novel and I’m not even sorry about it. In the midst of curating these photos, I found myself giddy beyond belief, and smiling uncontrollably! This stunning D.C. family session was not a typical session for me. For starters, it […]

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Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

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