Downtown Raleigh Engagements John and Kelci

Greeting me immediately with a hug, was this beautiful, southern girl with a smile that radiated from one ear to the other! Her accent was deep, and it was obvious that she was raised here with her welcoming demeanor! (Everyone here is literally so nice! We’ve been here almost 2 years now–holy cow that’s weird to say—  and it still gets to us how nice people are)! It felt like we’d already been friends for years! Like these two are the type of people you’d sit around with at a BBQ and just talk for hours!

John and Kelci were so refreshing! Sometimes photos can be intimidating! I understand that, but Kelci and John walked right up and were eager to get started (my kinda people)! The session with these two was flawless as they hardly needed ANY instruction from me at all! I mean, John was such a champ and was willing to A) watch out for me so I didn’t back into any doggy do-do… and B) Be our body guard in Downtown Raleigh.. because let’s be honest, it was just a tad bit sketchy at times!

My favorite thing was just how EASY this session was! We were all full of laughs and giggles despite how FREEZING it was during the whole thing! Yes, you read that right! We. Were. Freezing. But you can’t tell from the photos because these two cuties are GORGEOUS!

Talk about a classy couple! Their outfits were on point! Not to mention, prepare yourself for a really cool fact, these two met at a St. Patrick’s Day Festival! And with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, and their gorgeous outfits for the second half of the session, I’m just in love! Kelci mentioned on the session, “A few t0o many drinks really can lead you to your one and only” and she had me laughing! (:

I can not WAIT to shoot their wedding coming up in May! Hopefully it will be a bit warmer. (;

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