Family Session in Downtown Beaufort, North Carolina

Dancing, wiggling, singing baby shark, jumping up and down, talking about Disney, and yelling ‘Let it go’ at the top of our lungs with arms stretched out, spinning in circles.

I said it once and I’ll say it again. I. Love. Family sessions. Maybe it’s just the fact that I factor a snack time into my family sessions (; but more realistically, it’s that they are 100% relatable to my life, with the chaos and the beauty all wrapped up in these tiny little humans! Sweet little, Annistyn’s bubbly and larger than life personality had me missing my little man Everett at home! She started out, a little shy, but by the end, we were holding hands, tickling, and teasing one another! And OH MY GOSH, I can’t wait to dress up my little girl for ALL the family photos! I can’t even handle her bow. But I’m a bit of a bow freak! An then there’s Beckham. Okay seriously, if you names Beckham.. your literally bound to be cute.

I think the only thing, I would have changed about this session, would be to bring a blanket because geez I always forget just how breezy it gets right along the water!

But still, Josh and Heather’s sweet little family had me laughing left and right! Heather is such a hoot! We kept joking about how much of a hot mess we both are! But that’s literally the definition of motherhood I think! I don’t think you can be a mom, and NOT be a hot mess, rollin in with your mom car, your mom bun, and your mom cup of coffee. It’s basically fundamental!

It’s so much fun when I get to photograph these different stages in these families lives! It helps me to remember the stages we’ve already gone through, and then I get to look forward to the ones we have yet to experience! Thank you Josh and Heather, for letting me hang out with you guys for the evening! You’re all hilarious and I love you sweet kiddos!

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