Dear Birthday Boy,

Dear Birthday Boy,

This is the 4th time I get to celebrate your birthday “with” you! The time of year where I get to give you a home made, cheesy birthday card with a stupid dad pun on it because I know you love that sort of thing. And even though I’m telling you good morning and you’re telling me goodnight, This is the fourth time I get to yell, not sing, “Happy Birthday To You” over the phone because I hope your co-workers hear me and decided to spoil you or give you crap while I’m not there to right now.

Speaking of Birthdays, because you are 25 now, I’m going to write 5 of my favorite things about you……… because 25 is too many when it’s 12 am.                  You still love me.


  1. Even though, it’s a love hate relationship that there always has to be music playing in the car… whenever I get in after you and the music is automatically on.. it makes me smile.
  2. I also love the routine we each have to go through when we trade cars. Adjust the seat, flick the mirror from the down to up, (we are so perfect in height difference that we don’t have to “adjust the mirror…” flicking it does just the trick), change our side view mirrors, pump the seat up or down about 20 clicks, fix the steering wheel, and last but CERTAINLY not least, adjust the little seat belt thing so it doesn’t choke either one of us! It’s like a little love language we have saying… “hey… your wife or husband was here before you and wants you to suffer every time you use their car… p.s…love you!”
  3.  Another favorite thing about you is how you would do just about anything for a back tickle! I mean anything! Seeing you turn vulnerable and relaxed with cute little cold chills when I do tickle your back is the icing on the cake.
  4. Speaking of cake. You are always the one to bring it into the equation first, which I love. I don’t feel as guilty then. (: Even though your metabolism is probably faster than mine…… (for now) I LOVE that you will never turn down a good dessert.. which means I don’t have to either! (;
  5. Last, I love and will always love waking up to your ANGEL EYELASHES! I will likely always be jealous of them… but that’s okay because you wear them well you beautiful human you!
  6. Also.. you have a cute butt. Had to throw that in.
  7. Okay for real.. this is the last one… I love just how much you get me. Especially through the little things. How you know how much I love Hot Rod and that even though you hadn’t seen it until you met me, by our first year of marriage you could quote the whole thing too and now you never disappoint with a good Hot Rod quote in our conversations!



More than all of the silly and quirky things you are that I love you for, I love you for your sweet sweet heart, Your love for God, and your incredible dedication to me and our little boy! I am so rediculously lucky to be married to you! I love you more than words can describe. Happy Birthday Don!


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