Southern Utah Family Session | Three Peaks | Enoch

When I talked to Michelle about what she was expecting for her session, she mentioned she just wanted me to capture, her family, being exactly what they were. Not so much posed, or collected, but imaginative, and explorative.

I LOVE sessions like this. Where each of the kids get to BE KIDS! Her sweet little boy even found a puddle during the session and had us LAUGHING!

I was honored to take this sweet family’s photos. When I was preparing, (and there was a TON of preparation to do) for Eddison to join us in the world, I went to Michelle for birthing help. Michelle is a goddess when it comes to bringing children into the world, and helping others do the same in a natural way! And because I didn’t have a doula of my own here to help, Michelle helped gave me advice from miles away!

I felt empowered, and capable when talking to her, and grateful for her advice! And then, after the session, Michelle mentioned that she’d been following along on my photography journey for a while. And she’d been cheering me on! My heart wanted to explode with gratitude for this woman!

Literally, it’s the sweet words from friends like her, to keep going, or that something I said made a difference to them, that keep the fire burning. There have been plenty of times where I’ve been close to burnout. Where I’ve felt so overwhelmed and exhausted, but It’s easier to keep going with all the support!

You’re family is adorable Michelle! I loved getting together with you and I can’t wait for more times in the future!

  1. Michelle Bray

    June 11th, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    All the 😍😍😍 over here!! Thank you so so much!!

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