Neuse Breeze Wedding | Tory and Hunter

Remember that engagement session I posted about a while back with the two kids who grew up right across the street from one another? Well these two cuties just had their wedding day! A day, I’m sure they looked forward to for a while!

Obviously I haven’t been there throughout the time these two dated. I never saw them walk the halls of high school together hand in hand, or know them as the high school sweethearts they are. BUT, their friends and family has seen this. (And they had a LOT of friends and family there! Never have I ever shot a bridal party of 18 people)!!! They had seen the grown in these two individually, and together. I’ll tell you, one of my favorite moments on a wedding day, is listening in on the toasts from the people they hold dear. I get a peek into their live and an idea of how the rest of the world has seen these two for years!

Hunter’s dad made me crack up laughing! He told of a particular camping trip where Tory had joined them for the weekend! So naturally as a dad, He was on a “Black ops” mission. Carefully watching these two from the back of the trailer that night , making sure their hands didn’t scoot any closer. Each time they did, he’d do an obvious “clearing of the throat” gesture and the hands would slip right back to their perspective owners!

This just TAKES ME BACK people! To my own high school days of dating! Where the simplest thing makes your heart sore!

I’m so happy I got to photograph Tory and Hunter’s wedding! Everything was Beautiful! Neuse Breeze Did an amazing job! There isn’t a more perfect venue for this couple!

Congratulations Tory and Hunter! Cheers, to plenty of years of happiness and love!

Venue & Florist: Neuse Breeze
Photographer: Shauntel Gull Photography
Bridesmaid Dress: Wedding Dress Shoppe
Videographer: True Faith Media
Suit/tux: The Wedding Elf
Cake: Kim’s Cakes
Caterer: The Flame
Wedding Coordinator: Mariah Miltier
Dress Designer: Martin Thornburg | Mon Cheri

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