Southern Utah Couple | Kolob | Payton and Alyssa

Guess what? I know I said I was going to slow down on my blogging on Instagram… but I couldn’t help myself. I don’t feel like the sessions complete until I throw it all together in a blog! So I’ve decided to at least finish blogging the rest of the sessions that I shot out in Utah, and then after that, I’ll only be blogging weddings, film and personal/educational blogs! (Okay, I’ll be honest, the educational ones kind of intimidate me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident in what I do, but sometimes It’s strange sharing all that you do with the world! However, it has been a goal of mine to share more tips and tricks and little blurps of advice that I wish I would have had starting this process)!

So! Moving on, This session was in Southern Utah just over looking Zion National Park! Bonus points if anyone recognizes the location from any of the photos a LONG while back? Eh? Eh? Keep scrolling….. Recognize em??

Okay I’ll tell you! We actually had OUR family photos done here two years ago! Right before moving out to North Carolina, we had our photos done in this gorgeous location because I wanted to bring a little bit of home back east with us as we moved! I printed them out, and look at our photos ALL the time now and I STILL love them! They truly do make me feel at home!

So… It was only fitting that this sweet couple got to have their photos done here! Though they aren’t moving away from home, they do know what It already feels like having lived away from home! Yup.. These two are a fellow Marine family! Few and far between, I make friends with all the marine wives I can because you really do have to stick together! Plus when everything in the Marines is so tight knit, you learn to be as well! Peyton Just finished his contract and they got to move back home to Utah! Not going to lie, I’m a little jealous but I also know it will be a while before we head back that way.

Alyssa and Payton were so funny! Clearly Payton was the kid that is always able to make people laugh. The class clown if you must, and Alyssa has a personality that you can’t resist being around because she’s just so JOYFUL! And their dog Panda, was so dang cute! I seriously think I’m getting better and better at photographing dogs!

Anyway, enjoy this gorgeous couples session overlooking Zion!

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